Are You Awake

October 26, 2015
By P.Brad BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
P.Brad BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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what happens when i gaze into the distance?
when i set my eyes on something i cannot see,
and think about things i cannot remember?
                               whAt happens?
                          oh! heRe’s an idea.
                     i have an Epiphany.

      i find the meaning mY to life
                          could Use some right about now.

                ba da du du dA da dum
                              woW. this -- this song
                     i never reAlized how the light catches her eye
                  it sparkles liKe she has stars in them
                    wait… is shE staring at me?


“Are you awake?”

The author's comments:

Spacing out is the norm in high schools around the US. Although it takes up so much time throughout the day, what happens during out a space out is largely unknown and a question that will never be answered. This is my rendition of my spaceout session.

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