Memory Lane

October 26, 2015
By XOXONANI GOLD, Killeen, Texas
XOXONANI GOLD, Killeen, Texas
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Can we roll down memory lane, take a trip through our memories. Reminice on the days that it was you and me.


Remember the late summer nights,as we talked to the early morning. We were were my other half.


The times we would laugh, and the times we would cried..I remember the day we said goodbye. 


I remember your last words something i can't forget. You said " I'll never forget"


Still a traveler at night, I go to all our old sites.The park we would sit at under the big oak tree.


Years have passed and your doing good, and you've turned into such a man. I catch you eye and i feel the same old spark. Through the years i thought i was ancient history until you said.. you still travel down

                                       Memory lane

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