with the bark ripped off MAG

February 11, 2015
By Anonymous

let’s go for a walk in the snow,
let’s find a way to not be alone

when the snow comes
will it take us both away

I don’t wanna leave this life
but I wanna
be wrapped around you

a tree with the bark ripped off
reminds me of me and you
naked in the harsh cold,
how could we survive

we look white and young
beside the snow that looks red
reflected in the setting sun
I don’t wanna have to go

The author's comments:

I haven't posted here in a long while but I'm approaching the age limit for this site and some some significant changes, so I thought I'd post one last thing as a personnel farewell. mostly, though, I just want to document my appreciation to teenink in this little "about" section.
Posting my crap on this sight helped me rise above my own s***ty little situations  and it made me feel heard when I felt like I didn't have much of a voice. Mostly though, it allowed me to be comfortable with my writing and made me realize I don't want to live without it. Lately I've been still writing fervently and started setting it to music with my meager equipment and skill when I I'm home and get the chance.

This poem is from a little song, which can be heard here: https://thedogofthenorth.bandcamp.com/track/with-the-bark-ripped-off-ver-2
It's kind of about goodbyes so I found it appropriate.

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