Cloudless Skies This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

January 12, 2015
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He loves her now.
Those words rattle over and over through my bones
And in between my very synapses
Like loose screws and the wavering chords in a cloudless blue sky

I can see your hands still gliding
Like death over the ivory tusks of a piano
Heaven raining down in small bits of music onto your head
And spilling like glass onto the floor around you

My heart is pooling like liquid silver
And I can feel my brain turning to mush because you look at me
With those cloudless blue eyes
The chords wavering in them, too

He loves her now
The four words are penetrating my very skin
Boring holes into passersby
As they hustle on their way like flecks of trash on the wind
Like a spool of thread in a gust of air

I didn’t think that it would end this way
But then again, who does
It always ends in the falling of snow like quiet ghosts around you
Silent as death itself

It always ends in the wind rushing through your head
In one ear and out the other
Shaking your mind until nothing makes sense anymore
And we were the only thing that made sense

As cliched as this sounds, the vague impression of your body pressed on mine
Was the only clue that you might have loved me with half your heart
And all of your head
Instead of just half of both or all of one

So turn your lips to her ecstatic face and kiss that sunlight from her gleaming mouth
She has the world in the palm of her hand because you are her world
And she might be your universe but something so vast can’t be looked at
Through a beating heart

He loves her now
That may not be me but by God it’s a somebody with an ocean in their voice
That quivers whenever they speak
And seagulls flying in their hands as they touch your face
With a foam breath that smells like freedom and hope

She’s not darkness
She’s not a black hole that brings in all light but doesn’t ever give it away

She’s the cloudless blue sky that you look up at and take pictures of
Listening to those steady chords that play like the world is just beginning

He loves her now

And that’s okay

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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