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We are Art

January 8, 2015
By KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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I just wanna be able to sing like the birds, not worrying who hears or what they think

This human race is everything that art embodies
Intriguing, surreal and calm
Transcendent, beautiful and ethereal
We have people who love to dance
Their bodies sway with utter passion and conviction
Trying to tell us things that we can't begin to fathom
Whether it be jazz or ballet, dancing will always be art
We have people who love the visual arts
Their colored pencils, camera or paintbrushes illustrate images that are not of this world
Images so captivating and enthralling, you can't help but be amazed
Whether it be photography or painting, creating images will always be art
We have people who love to sing
Oh they can reach notes so high and croon ballads so lovely you get goosebumps
Their talent is so intense that admiration is automatic
Whether it be pop music or R&B;, singing will always be art
Then you have people who love to write
This boatload of emotion travels from their heart and transports to the pen and spills out through the ink
Their words resonate so deep in your soul and reach places you didn't know even existed
Whether it's sappy love poems or mystical stories, writing will always be art
We humans constitute the Earth
along with all the other creatures God created
We are something alluring, deathly majestic
We are art
for without art, the Earth is just 'eh'

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