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Hidden Away

December 2, 2014
By MydnyghtMagyck BRONZE, South Jordan, Utah
MydnyghtMagyck BRONZE, South Jordan, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
“ If you hear a song that makes you cry and you don't want to cry anymore, you don't listen to that song anymore.
But you can't get away from yourself. You can't decide not to see yourself anymore. You can't decide to turn off the noise in your head.”
― Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

The heartbreak,
the sorrow,
hide it away.
Push it deep down
until you don't even remember the day,
that those feelings showed themselves
in the first place.
Lock your heart in a box,
don't let them tear it apart.
Keep it hidden away
until you don't remember it anyway.
Stay there,
in the shadows,
hide you away.
Perhaps they'll embrace you,
remember you,

The author's comments:

Like most of my poetry, a few lines came to me and I went with it from there. 

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