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Find the Light

October 3, 2014
By horsehugger30252 SILVER, McDonough, Georgia
horsehugger30252 SILVER, McDonough, Georgia
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There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. -Aristotle

The older you get,

The more you learn,

About yourself,

And about the world,

You find out that not everything in the world is sunshine and joy,

The world is suddenly seen as a decoy,

Nothing seems the same anymore,

You wonder why you can't see the world in the same way you could before,

You can never see someone cry,

Without wondering the real reason why,

The world is now darker,

You find it harder and harder,

To find the beauty in anything,

And it becomes harder to hear the mockingbirds sing,

Over the insufferable sound of thunder in the darkness of night,

Or the sound of TV,

Blaring the sounds of the latest fight,

As the world bares down on your shoulders,

Like instead of water,

The sky began to drop boulders,

It's nearly impossible to find any light,

Like the world is trapped in an endless night.


Even if everything has begun to retrogress,

Like everything is now worthless,

Remember to look further,

Leave no stone unturned or forest undiscovered,

Because somewhere in the darkness of this eternal night,

There is a light,

A light, that once found,

Will become an unstoppable inferno that will spread all around,

But before all of this light can spew,

You must first find the light within you.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to be both inspirational and enlightening. I hope it will help brighten your view on the world.

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