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It Was Then

August 16, 2014
By ScarletteVelveteen PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
ScarletteVelveteen PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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It was when she walked into class.
It was when she laughed.
It was when she smiled.
It was when she sat
Down at my table
And we began to talk,
Never did I think,
This girl would mean so much.

It was when we got closer.
It was when she was funny.
It was when I realized,
How beautiful her hair in the sun is.
It was when we had serious talks.
It was when we'd joke around.
It was when we'd both be creepers,
To the other kids we found.

It was when I finally realized,
I was starting to fall,
That I told myself,
"No, this is not okay at all."
Because after years of hiding,
And pushing it away,
This wonderful girl,
Brought it out anyways.

It was then that I accepted it.
It was then I was sure.
It was then I wanted to ask,
If she maybe wanted more?
It was on that walk to the stage.
It was the fear that I felt.
It was that moment I said,
"Maybe I'll bring up something else."

It was when she brought it up.
It was when she confirmed,
That at least I had a chance,
Of being on her radar.
It was then that I jumped,
And the butterflies flew.
It was then that I knew,
This could be the beginning of two.

It was an online conversation.
It was about midnight.
But it felt better than just right.
It was the awkward blushing,
That seeped through the screen.
It was the perfect feeling,
That made me want to scream.
It was knowing she cared,
Just like I.
It was knowing I was there,
In the back of her mind.

It was her who changed me.
It is her who I love.
It is her who I'm with.
And it is her who I'll never give up.

The author's comments:
I was never okay with my bisexuality and then I met one girl who changed everything.

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