I Remember

June 23, 2014
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I remember when I met you for the first time
We went to the movies with friends and you sat next to me
I remember when you asked for my number
I gave it to you with a smile and you called me that night
I remember when you took me on my first date
We went to dinner and you held my hand under the table
I remember when you kissed me for the first time
We were outside my house and you smelled like cigarettes
I remember when you asked me to be your girlfriend
I hesitated because my parents told me you weren’t good for me
I remember when you took me to my first party
You danced with me and then I saw you kissing another girl
I remember when you told me you loved me
I knew it wasn’t true because your breath smelled of booze
I remember when you threw rocks at my window
I didn’t come downstairs because you moved with the wind and slurred your words
I remember when I passed you in the hallway at school
I could feel your eyes on me as I walked by but we didn’t say anything
I remember when my mom told me you were in the paper
I didn’t really care until I saw your name in the obituaries
I remember when I started smoking
It reminded me of you and I started to cry
Right now, my mouth tastes like cigarettes
But I’d rather it taste like you

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