Sesame Place

May 31, 2014
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Joyous screams bursting from kids,
Adoring parents watching.
Characters walking around,
Sometimes even hugging you.
Smell of food in the air,
Making you hungry.
Getting caught in the ropes,
Your flip flops slipping through.
The swings bringing you to the sky,
Making you feel like you can fly.
The tea cups going so fast,
Making you close your eyes and laugh.
The water fresh against your skin,
Pulling you in.
You're hands fit in the pavement,
As you leave this dream.

Single mothers all alone,
Fathers with tattoos up their arm.
Graffiti on the walls,
Cigarette butts in the ground.
Characters are fake,
They're costumes are bad.
Smoke fills the air,
Outside the park.
The ropes aren't there anymore,
Flip flops are out of style.
The swings are 5 feet high,
Below the big blue sky.
The tea cups still spin fast,
But you don't smile anymore.
The water is cold,
Suffocating your skin.
You're hands don't fit;
This isn't a dream.

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