Let Me Show You

May 23, 2014
By Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
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I take you for granted,
Not listening to your warnings,
Betraying your trust.

Why do I take you for granted?

It is because you’ll still love me,
Knowing you’ll still be there for me.

I hurt you with foul words,
Words a mother should never here.

But you still embrace me with ever so caring love,
Filled with forgiveness,
So warm and carefree

But I still push you away,
Because I know you’ll always love me.

You’ll always be there to heal my wounds,
From a cut to a broken heart.

You are a mother,
There is no one like you,

As I get older I realize it,
I realize how much pain I’ve put you through,
I have taken you for granted.

But I am changing.

Your persistency has made me a better person
I’m caring and forgiving, calm and wise,
I’ve become like you.

But I still push you away,
To show you I can do things on my own.

My burdens are my own,
So please let me handle them.

You have finished your job,
So let me do this on my own,

You have made me strong like a tree trunk,
Now let me show you how tall I’ll stand.

Just lay back and watch,
So I won’t have to push you away

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