In the Inferno...

May 20, 2014
I bowed my head slowly and sighed, letting the water drip from the very tips of my frayed, burnt tipped hair….it had been scorched in the fire when I went back in. But among the ashes and flames, the falling walls and crashing glass and smoke, the struggle…
Somewhere I lost my purpose.
I forgot why I went there in the first place. It was like I had completely lost anything that I had once known…
Seeing my precious home in ashes, being burnt into grey flesh of flame, it rent me apart. And I collapsed, falling to my knees with a smoke choked and heart broken cry, when I saw the picture being consumed in flames, the only thing that I had cared about, the only thing I wanted to survive…..
But no.
My hands grazed the glass, before the floor gave way, floorboards cracking and splintering as I fell through, feeling the wood and a nail jaggedly rent my flesh. And I sobbed, slowly pulling myself from the wreck. I stood up, and looked around, watching the flames climb higher and high, watching them devour the curtains, and my books, my pictures, the lampshade, and then the power surged forth, and the light above my head lit, and exploded in a shower of sparks above my head, glass falling onto me with the red hot stars of mercury. The lap bulb shattered as well, and the inferno surrounded me, until finally, I turned my face up to the hole in the roof that the fire had greedily eaten through, and cried out to God, my heart breaking, raising my hands.
It was then, that the rain poured from heaven, saving grace that cooled my chaffed and burnt flesh. My heart still screamed, but my voice was lost. I could say no more. This final prayer was what I needed. And I dropped to my knees, my still hands raised to the sky, and wept into the oblivion.

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