May 18, 2014
I cry
at the thought of you leaving.
How you
say nothings holding you back.
You must not notice
my nails digging into your skin.
The look in my eyes that could only describe one word.
The smile I insist
on toying with, just to bug you.
The gray clouds that hover over your life.
You miss the silver lining each carries.
It would be forward to say it was me,
because obviously its not.
I'm just a lamp in a well lit room.
I'm here when the power goes out.
When you flick me on after months of me
sitting on a dresser. And you thank God
my lightbuld still worked. I'm here
when you need me. More than
happy to supply you with light and love.
I'll always be here.
Just dont forget my plea

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