White Flakes of Memories

May 12, 2014
Each one stirring memories.
Funny it is,
how one small thing stores so much to memory,
when it’s cold and hard,
as if no soul exists.
But for her,
it brings the warmest of memories to heart.
It’s something that won’t be unknown,
and can be cherished,
as the lids of her eyes close,
and her memories begin.

Dawn arises from a deep sleep,
soft rays glisten
searching it’s way to the window.
While inside, a child lays in bed,
absorbed into the mattress,
escaping from the cold.
Light beams kiss her soft rosy cheeks,
and breathing a sigh of relief, her eyelids awaken.

Five years of patience
she now takes sight upon,
a dream come true.

Screaming for joy,
with smiles planted on,
she springs out of bed, racing downstairs,
out into the bittersweet chills.
Yet she doesn’t care,
for this a memory
that is meant to be kept.

Frolicking in the fluffy coldness.
building snowmen and snow angels,
it’s a lifetime enjoyment.
Laying on the white sheets concealing the grass,
she vows, this day will never be forgotten,
for it will be white flakes of memories.

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