Just a blink of an eye

May 9, 2014
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Just a blink of an eye ago I was...
Walking into high school on my first day
nervous, afraid, and lost
being one of the smallest ones, even though I though I was tall
not seeing many familiar faces
finding it hard to belong

It seems like just a blink of the eye that I got here
Second semester senior
done with school, done with this place, done with living at home
Last season of a spring sport
18 years old
an adult
living on my own in less then 6 months
finding the right college to spend my next 4 years
U of I, Madison, or Indiana?
parting away from my friends of 12 years
my head racing with thoughts
excited, scared, ready

In just a blink of an eye I will..
be graduating college
with a masters in some subject
looking to find a job in the "real world"
having to leave my friends of 4 years
living without my parents help
starting a family of my own

Seems like an eternity till this day but really its just a blink away

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mollybug14 said...
May 11, 2014 at 8:25 pm
I love this. It describes life perfectly.  You think that the future is so far away, but its closer than you think, you perfectly described that in your poem. 5 Stars :)
Love2Read72 said...
May 11, 2014 at 12:10 pm
I really understand this. Everything always seems so far away, but it is really just a blink of an eye. Love it.
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