Is Love a Game?

April 15, 2014
I looked at you with tears in my eyes, I should have known, it's no surprise. I knew it was coming sooner or later. Unfortunately, my love grew greater, with so much love I had to share. To turn and find you didn't care. I cried that day and night. Foolishly, I pitched a fight, you've turned me down again. Somehow I couldn't be just a friend. Do you really have a heart? What was it that kept us so far apart? I've fought back so many times, not to speak, but my heart has long been taken. The way I acted was a shame. I guess it's me you fully blame. Here are my last few words to you. I say them only because they are true. My life will never be the same. Tell me is love a game? There's one more thing I have to say, before we go our separate ways. The dreams I dreamed will remain, and i'll never forget your name.

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