Dancing Within My Destiny

March 26, 2014
Has the sun not kept shining?
Has the wind not kept blowing in its gentle way?
Tell me that the music remains.
Tell me that the echoes of the past are not a fleeting moment.

Have the days not flown by?
Have the seasons not come and gone?
Tell me that despite the changing winds you will not leave.
Tell me that no matter how many sweet birds sing you will only listen and not join their song.

How is it we find clarity in mystery and confusion?
How is it we still dance and sing?
Tell me that you are following the peaceful stream.
Tell me that you have looked beyond the riverbend, but then looked back at me.

Where has the Lord not led us yet?
Where have we not been before.
Tell me that you will remain to watch the sunset.
Tell me that you will remain to see the break of day.

Tell me that you will dance in my destiny,
that you are here to

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