Down to Earth

March 19, 2014
I once dreamed of a place where everything was perfect, a beautiful place where the sun came up every day and only went down when I wanted it to. A place where I could escape reality and join the people who walked across the problems of their own life’s like they never existed. We as humans, we break, we fall, we cry, and hurt. But eventually we will start to pick up the pieces and let them fall back into place. We build ourselves up only to let someone crash into our hard work and not attempt to help us keep the walls from crumbling down. Then we spend weeks, months, or years crying hoping that one day all the tears would fill the empty spaces that were once filled to the brim. Now, we are just dealing with it all. All the abandonment hopes and dreams, because one day we will be able to look at life and say “You were cruel to me, but now I am going to show you what it looks like to actually live.”

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