Another Complaint

March 13, 2014
Its coming, a monster far scarier than others
it will cover and smother you while it ushers
a new reality yet to be discovered
and you will never recover
cuz you’ll be feeding the buzzards

A void, void of emotions, sensations, empty
just another entry in a list of plenty
another word on a page
it fills me with rage that this cage
its whats keeping me alive on this stage

Life is just a big show, we’re the actors til death
til you draw your last breath like macbeth
I detest this distress
however, I digress

This world is fleeting, and the moment is gone
if ignorance is bliss, I’d rather be a fawn
Am I wrong, to want to live forever
and endeavor on a quest whenever
wherever with whosoever I please

I dont want to complain but I just cant resist it
I would never die if I had never existed

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