February 24, 2014
White snow drifts from above, like ashes from the great fire in the sky. As flake’s fall to the ground the cold licks my spine and sends shivers throughout my body. The air is thick with the intent to become one’s soul. The smell of smoke is overbearing, and the sound of nothing is as broken as shattered glass.
A blanket of blinding white cushions the fall as silence falls over the earth like a mushroom cloud of dread. The world stands out as shattered memories play out in the sky. My heart beats out of my chest as the cold sets fire to my vains and freezes the silk of my bones.
Like the grand act in a magic show the world stops and listens to the sound of its own silence. We lost track, as we gave into the bliss of insanity. Now we die as if we are electrified and fall like radioactive bombs of furry.
The very fact that we’re alive is a sin within itself. The pearly gates are locked and hell is breaking loose.
Crimson ink boils over like hot magma erupting from my very being. Cloud nine couldn't even save me now. The breeze carries me away to the cold ground. Seeping through the cracks my soul breaks loose and unleashes its true being to the world.
Soft wings of flight carry me away as the trapnel of broken promises and hopes torment what is left below. Like a wildflower my heart breaks as the world shakes. I can’t hold back. The kingdom has been overthrown. I won’t give up even when I hang from the edge of heaven.
There is nothing left to do but fight for what is and what was known. Our mistakes and misgivings are our demise. We will fight till we burn, and never breath again. All the embers left within our souls leave our spirits raw. We are fire and the world is ice.
Shivers of pain and bliss rack our broken bodies, and lift us to the heavens. We are denied the gates of love, and fall to the ground with rage and defeat. The fall is bittersweet, but our pride burns on.
The cold breaks our bones and fractures our souls but the warmth of our spirits keep us alive. We are what is left. We are the victors. We are broken but not shattered. The luster may be gone but we are powerful and mighty. As shivers run through our bodies we swallow our fear and live on . We gear up and fight for what is ours, and what is right. We are all lost soldier’s, but we are one

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