March 6, 2014
There is a boy I know
Who sits by me in school.
He goes unnoticed by everyone
His hands tremble in 90 degree heat
He wears hoodies year-round
Which he hides in like a blanket
Protecting him from goblins
And I think he is lovely.

There is a boy I know
Whose eyes are weeping willows
And are empty as the sea
But his face smiles shyly
So nobody notices the eyes
And they carry on with their days.
He has long black hair
And I think he is lovely.

There is a boy I think I know
Whose emotions I can sense.
I caught him crying alone
He told me all there is to know
From the death of his father
To the stub of his toe.
We’re best friends now
And I still think he is lovely.

But there was a boy I knew
Who was too broken to be fixed.
The seat by me in school
Has been empty 7 months.
He’s gone,
And I am lonely.
There is one thing I will always regret...
I never told him he was lovely.

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