I Remember

March 3, 2014
I remember
The first time we met, my love.
Just young,
Crazy kids.
When we reached for that book
And our hands touched.
So I looked at you
And you looked at me.
That was the first time I had seen
Your eyes.
And in that moment
I fell.
Head over heels.
I remember.
Do you?
I remember
Senior prom.
I came down the stairs
You said I was the most beautiful girl
To ever walk the earth.
And at the end of the night
You just kissed me.
Just a sweet, innocent,
Good-night kiss.
Because you loved ME.
Not my body.
I remember.
Do you?

I remember
That party.
all those drinks you had.
I offered to drive
You insisted you could.
I remember
The headlights.
The headlights of a semi
The blaring of its horn
Then blackness.
I remember
The white light
Of the hospital room I awoke in.
They said I was lucky
I beg to differ.
I remember
When I heard the news...

I have to go now
So I'll lay these flowers here,
And hope they don't blow away...
I'll be back to see you tomorrow
I promise.

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Vinyl said...
Apr. 18, 2014 at 10:18 pm
Lay down... try not to cry... cry a lot...
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