Things I dont Notice

February 27, 2014
I don’t notice if the girl sitting next to me in the third row of geometry class is depressed.
I don’t notice why the girl sitting next to me in the back pew of the church on a Sunday morning has cuts on her skin.
I don’t notice if the boy who keeps texting me every day has something he’s dying to tell me.
I don’t notice how the ocean just stops at the shore and why it doesn’t wash away the land.
I don’t notice why the vibrant colors of fall can suddenly turn white and I don’t notice why winter makes things quiet.
I don’t notice why my dad is so sad and tired upon coming home from work.
I don’t notice the reason behind my favorite song.
I don’t notice how a stranger can be there for me more than my closest friends.
I don’t notice the way people turn their book pages.
I don’t notice the important things in life.
And the said thing is I wish I could.
I just have to trust there’s something better for me out there swirling around in the universe.

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