Step Right Up!

February 20, 2014
By ShelbyisWriting SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
ShelbyisWriting SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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Feeling gossamer?
Paint yourself in all those shades of normal until they're jealous
but What will happen
when the watery life oozes out of your petite pores
and the paint cracks along the edges
and peels away
how will the world help you?
And like you knew all along,
they won't.
They'll even laugh when your soul drips along your neck they'll tread on your ocean until all you feel is dry
and cynical. Like a desert,
the farthest away from any place on earth.
There you will stay
and finally feel at home with the sand and tumbleweeds.
You'll get hot with the day and freezing with the night. The extremes will become so normal
you'll forget there was ever water or paint or laughs. Just you and sandy lips

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