The Kiss

February 19, 2014
The Kiss
he kissed me for the first time
in the library.
he sat next to me as i was typing
and then we talked and
the whole time i was wondering about
what he thought of my outfit and
the lipstick i was wearing and
the way i was talking, but
i just kept talking and trying to act cool
until we ran out of words to say and
there was that
silence between us
before i finally got the nerve to ask,
"do you want to kiss me?"
because i knew that's what we both wanted
and he said, "yeah"
and then, just like that, we kissed.
my heart started beating so quickly
i could taste it in my throat
but then his lips landed on mine and
mine landed on his
and before i knew it my mouth was exploring his,
scraping against stubble and it was
a little awkward at first but eventually we
got the hang of it (kind of)
because we kept
kissing, kissing, kissing

and when he finally had to leave,
i stood in my chair with my fingers on my lips,
still feeling his kiss.

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