February 6, 2014
By t.red SILVER, Los Angeles, California
t.red SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."- Eleanor Roosevelt

little duck floaty
head bobbing up and down
having a grand time
as the cool water laps my legs
and licks my arms

strong hands close around me
like I am nothing but a twig
I am pulled out of my paradise
into a nightmare
beyond a fear--
it became a reality

head thrown under
I try and stay strong
and punch
and kick
but I am scared

it is not just fun in the sun anymore
it is reality

I start to give up
arms thrashing
legs lashing out as hard as I can
I feel the fear encompass me
like I am being choked
or slow roasted over a flame

water fills my nose
air escapes my lungs
and I become light headed
as the light underwater shines and dances before me

I don't understand why people say
they see their life flash before their eyes
because all I saw was everything getting brighter
eyes stinging
body tiring
and darkness below

and darkness below

this must be what dying feels like...

The author's comments:
True story. Almost drowned once by my cousin who's 7, it was an accident. Saved myself at the last minute though-- very scary!

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