The City of Senses

February 8, 2014
It has been said
that rats flying in the rain
are unsightly.
But they are the smells
of the City at Night.

Black coffering
and a clear cigar
with the sweet cries
of melancholy wafting
through the air.
This is the feel
of the City at Night.

A cold, steel collar
a pearl-pasted chain
foul music and
a slippery game.
These are the tastes
of the City at Night.

Capped champagne
and a bitter cup
war and peace
without the love.
These are the sounds
of the City at Night.

Tainted blood
and the cracked high note
steaming through
the grated ingrates.
These are the sights
of the City at Night.

How can a City of blood
feel so much like rain?

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