Bully Suicide

January 26, 2014
too much to handle
devouring her every thought
“Not good enough”
“Too ugly”
engulfed her being
in a shadowy brink of despair

consuming her slowly

every rumor broke her down
now a void shell
of who used to be
a beautiful smiling girl
no reason to harm

consuming her slowly

that’s when the pain began
the cutting
overdose attempts
when she decided no one cared
and locked herself in a dark room
alone for hours

consuming her slowly

driven over the edge
she jumped off of the roof
the highest point in her town
towering over everyone like an colossal beast
just a step could terminate her misery

consuming her slowly

those few seconds
of falling




were pure bliss
and for once in her life
the girl felt paradise
when all worries and woes were gone
and so was she

slowly consumed

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