Evil Tune

January 10, 2014
Menacing string vibrations
A carousel of pulses
Damnation at its most attractive
The roar of each note
Their claws
Holding onto nothing in the air but my heart
Forbidden to pace these
Lonely halls
The music the music the music
Raw surge
Searing delight
The handle even suffers its sin
A bathed room in blue
In glinting sapphire and emerald
With reference to amethyst
A nod to obsidian
Only a trace of hell
Virgin cold etched walls
Only the raven night
Could embrace this room
In miserable embers of the moon
Surround me surround me surround me
Each throb of the harp
Stampeding gently through me
The door releases
Darkness flooding the shadows
I am gone
I am gone
I am gone

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