Fairy Tale Wish

January 24, 2014
By SammieRM PLATINUM, Urbana, Missouri
SammieRM PLATINUM, Urbana, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allan Poe

I twirl elegantly in the golden lights,
shimmering beautifully off the gown,
that Cinderella generously lent me,
just for the ball the Prince is holding.
The Prince chose to place the gorgeous dance
in the forest which glowed with the sunrise.
The Prince glides with me in our dance,
as fairies of all kinds flitter by us,
showering us in praise of our perfection,
all the while the seven silly dwarves,
and their new wives, all eagerly agree.
Frogs croak and hop happily, knocking
their tiny, sparkling crowns crooked,
ignoring the loud, deep, misleading
roars of the great red dragon, Scarlette.
Little Red Riding Hood dances brightly,
with the thick-haired ‘Big Bad Wolf’, as
the Three Little Pigs giggle in glee,
and Hansel and Gretel eat tempting, candied
refreshments with sugary, colorful drinks.
I smile shyly, watching the sparkling sapphire
eyes of the Prince shine with absolute joy.
I held my pale hand up to his rough cheek,
and stretched as high as I could on my toes,
just to press my lips against his to share
the most powerful thing in the whole world.
True Love’s Kiss would be the small beginning,
of a wonderfully happy life together forever.
I awoke with a gasp to a partially sad sight.
My dream evaporated so frighteningly quick,
yet those adorable blue eyes were still staring,
right into my soft, confused, groggy hazel eyes.
I no longer wore a dress, or danced in a forest,
surrounded by ridiculous fairy tale creatures.
The Prince was still there, this time in reality.
He held me tight in his soft arms, concerned,
and asked in a honey-sweet voice, if I was O.K.
Too stunned to speak to this handsome man,
I nodded dully, staring only at my dream prince,
even though a small crowd had gathered around.
His smile was so amazing, I thought I might faint,
once again, perhaps solely to have him hold me,
just a little bit longer, to feel his gentle warmth.
Without much conscious thought, or any knowledge
of my movement, I found myself leaning up to him,
held to skin to skin as our kiss erupted in a fire,
one that set my heart into a frightening race.
As dusk fell over our tightly embraced bodies,
I thanked the stars above for sending me my wish;
my very own, forever loving, Happily Ever After.

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