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It comes at you like a wall on wheels
Going down a steep hill
And by instinct you close your eyes
And next minute you open them
The distinct red bricks in your face
Ready to hit it, and then you die

We all plant a seed for a future we wont see
A deed for a person that won't be
I can't help but feel we should live in the now
But we can only hope to see the new day's eve

Thinking this, its just a waste of time

Why make emotional connections
Why do we feel like we need to have affection
For our family
make the pain more bearable
Cuz no matter how many people we have
We're always alone

Its a waste of time

I'm emotionally disconnected, chosen
part of a special selection, handpicked
by a god I've rejected, cuz
in the short time I've spent on this world
infected by disease and tyrants elected
This world is thirsty for change, like an animal
that's been locked in a cage, sick and deranged
not seeking revenge but only a chance to ascend
Change is the last request of a dying world
like a son or daughter crying for their father and mother
when they've been bit by an animal
And that animal is human kind

Its just a waste of time

I'm blessed, blessed by damnation and
I dont even care, there's no longer right or fair
all this pain that I'm willing to bear
gone to waste
and manners forgotten, and rare
I'm losing my hair
ready to wake up from this hellacious nightmare
But I never have enough time.

I want you to see me, know who I am and what I do
but you dont have time
you you you
you do not have time, time to notice me...
another human being
nobody has time

But none of that matters, none of this matters
cuz when you get to the end of the day, you find
the one word echoing in your mind
its just a waste of time

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