Prisoner of Doubt

January 8, 2014
By lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
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who i am is not in the definition of ur beliefs
i have every right to keep my head held high and regonize
my beauty both mentally and physically..
you dont define me
you've never been webster and you will never be god.
i am a complex being and
my true beauty lies in my state of mind.
physically, i can be all that
but i want ur eyes to see my mind,
your ears to hear my thoughts
and regonize my knowledge
i am poetry...
feel the words that slips off my lips
the emotion that drips off my ink
embrace the aura in every syllable that is written.
Now watch me bring my emotions into your imagination.
it is who i am, i am poetry.

Days, They go by like the hands of a clock waving goodbye
From one number to the next
But I find no inspiration in these words I write.
It used to mend my pain when they flowed from my limbs
and found its way onto my paper but
I am a prisoner, a prisoner of doubt
and my mind is only a mere vessel soaked in fear
but on the outside, I am beautiful
glowing with confidence
still, i am afraid that you can see me
Can you see that i'm scared?

I am my devil in disguise
and it's no longer criticism
i am a bully of my own
I tell myself what i can't do
I am a battered woman
i've been beaten down
by my own thoughts
and i write to escape
the abuse of my mind
but she's there,she's always here
constantly nagging me
Pulling me down, so I doubt.

From a distance, you say nothing moves me
because i find no inspiration in these things i do
my body is just a mere vessel
controlled by the doubt of my mind
So i sit back,
i sit on my talents,
i sit on my abilities
because in my mind,
i am a convict of my inabilities
i am a prisoner of doubt.

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