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Dream Catcher

Stagnant air. It sits, motionless.

She looks out of her window, wearily.
She flutters her eye lashes at the dark colors of the night sky.
The blackness of the night slowly squeezes out the golden sun light.
The sky is still, the moon shines serenely on her window pane.
The glow of the moon at night lingers
Her bed, a safe haven.
Everything that is bad is caught within its woven strings.
She is safe at last, under her dream catcher.
Lavish colors in the dream catcher capture her eye
With the light, wispy feathers dangling in the air, motionless.
The moon shines on her with a gentle reflection on her smooth skin.

The day was long and hard.
The school work she can handle,
but the stares of her peers burn holes through her skin.
To her, it feels like every day is her judgment day.
Walking through school takes great effort.

Waking up on a Saturday morning, laying in a warm skin of blankets.
True bliss overcomes the sleepy mind, true happiness.
Looking up at her dream catcher, she sits and stares.
The flavorful colors and bright hues bring an element of joy to her.
The soft, gentle strings of the dream catcher,
She is almost comforted by its beauty and complexity.
Her mother always told her to enjoy the little things in life.

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