If They Were to Fall

December 29, 2013
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I am at a farm.
I hear the echo of an engine turning off.
I unbuckle my seat belt.
I see the night.
I see the silohette of trees.
I open the door and
I see the void of darkness illuminated by the lights.
I step out.
I hear the grass crunch under my feet.
I feel the cold air freeze and kill everything.
I feel the winter.
I look up at the night sky.
I see stars.
I feel their intensity.
I know they shine through the dark.
I feel the battle between the made and the natural.
I look above me.
I look directly above me.
I see the shiniest star right above me.
I see how minute it is.
I retract my thought.
I know the light must travel though miles,

and miles,

and miles,

and miles.

i feel small.
i wonder why i feel so important.
i am such a small part of the puzzle.
i ask myself what if they fell.
i shiver with the thought.
i feel scared.
i train my eye on the brightest one.
i can't look away.
i wonder "what if".
i hear crickets chirp.
i don't look away.
i can't be distracted.
i could blink and this could go away.
i could blink and it all could be gone.

Why am i so important?
Why do i feel scared?
Where would we go?
Where would "it" go?
What if it didn't twinkle?
Would i be here
To feel the grass crunch?
To feel the cold air?
To feel the intensity of the tiny stars?
To feel the battle between existences?

I feel humility.
I feel humbled.

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