Key to Her Heart

December 16, 2013
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Once, there was a boy,
Ambitious in every way,
Who fell in love with a girl,
Who was shy and cautious
In every way.

This girl, with her hurt blue eyes,
Trusted no one—not even herself.
So she told him that she’d thrown
The key to her heart away,
Because she had.

It was gone,
Tossed into the swelling ocean
Of despair, with glistening waters
And overpowering waves.
She knew he’d never find it.

This boy, vowing to never give up,
Searched and searched the ocean,
But always came up empty.
Finally, after too much time,
He went to her.

“I couldn’t find the key,”
He confessed. “But I promise that
If you’ll give me a chance,
I’ll never leave you
And help you pick yourself up.”

And she smiled graciously,
Knowing he was ambitious
In every way, and accepted him
Into her loyal arms,

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