My Muse MAG

December 1, 2013
By Anonymous

He'll probably never know my name
But everyone will know who he is one day.
He'll be the center of attention
And I'll be one of his adoring fans begging for his autograph.

He'll be one of those celebrities from
a small town
And have a true underdog back story
everyone will want to read about.
But my memory of him will be forever
encrypted in the poems hidden
Underneath my bed.

Every girl will love him
And every guy will want to be him
He'll be the most successful man on
this side of town
But they won't know him like I did in
high school

They'll never know the names of all his
favorite bands
Or that he always drops what he's doing
to write a poetic line down
They'll never know that he always
double-knotted his shoelaces
Or that he was once my muse.

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