Not Enough

December 2, 2013
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As if I needed one more dose of “I wont leave you” it was like you looked at all of the walls I built and laughed as you tore them down with what I assumed was love but really was arrogance and bashful ignorance, you looked at the small wilting flower behind stone walls and decided it wasn’t enough

I was not enough. You did not appreciate the storms I held precariously within my seeds and you refused to look inside and find the water hiding in my stem because it was too much effort and 50 miles were too many to sow together

I looked at my petals with shining pride because they had suffered a brutal winter but you looked at me like a crumbling house forgetting the storm and only looking at the cost of damages

You decided your fists were too tired from my stonewalls to now build me up
You however were not too tired to tear me down and use your fists on my insides within your fits of insecurity

You decided that my walls were easier to knock down instead of build up while you choked on bitter beer and theatre girls
You lapped them up and spit me out all while choking on the words that held me together “I love you”

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