November 23, 2013
you're not here
but I still see you,
walking round the corner
smiling, eyes closed
arms open in waiting
standing, tall in all your beauty
gazing down at me,
holding me tight,
caressing my face,
loving me day and night.

How can this be?
you and me?
how can you say 'I love you'?
after all those months lonely and blue?
how can I still be breathing?
alive and on the verge of keening?

I love you too
I keep my promises
that I made
Im sorry love
I wish I would have stayed
for you
I will try
I will not cry
at least, a lot
because I love you too
it hurts so bad-
a hole,
where my heart was-
or is.
how can we last?
you and me...
...its because of our past

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