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Orbs. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Quivering orbs drop to the man-made rock and
explode on weary impact with violent separation.
Perspiration down the face of vast, limitless skies
that roar angry curse words at the ground down below.
Heated, endless battles of Zeus and Poseidon. Clashing
uselessly against each other in magnetized rebellion.
Calm of deep, purple waves slashed by striking
bolts of angelic fire raining on crests of breaking bodies.
Land is covered by cool blankets of molecules latched
in liquid form and raging close to boiling temperatures.
Skies become one with the watery earth; creating
an orb of swirling, breaking, polar destruction.
Floating in a Universe of all the wrong homes, Earth
is swallowed by the absence of life and watery orbs.

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