"Thank You"

October 29, 2013
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The day we met I had no clue,
that you would ever mean this much.
I love you and can’t see myself without.
The days keep going by,
And only happier I get.
The more we share, the closer the bond is that forms.
When I see you the butterflies begin.

Your brown locks flowing from your head
Down from the top like the most beautiful waterfall.
Your nose like a button,
And your eyes heart melting.
When I look into them I get ever so lost
Wandering, without any urgency to leave
Feeling at ease. Oh and then you touch me.

When you take my hand,
And hold it in yours,
My heart stops, if only for a moment.
Yet in that moment, I know that it is you I want.
But then you move your hand
Up my arm and wrap both of yours around me
In the warm embrace I know that I am home.

Your kisses are the best, the best there ever was.
You kiss me and the rest of the world melts away.
In my head, the fireworks begin.
The chills start their race all the way,
From my shoulders to my toes.
When our lips part, the smile cracks through,
and there is only one thing I’d like to say.

Not only for the kiss or the hug,
But all that you do,
whether known or not.
You are the reason for most of who I am.
You motivate me to be my best,
and for that I’d like to say
Thank You

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