October 17, 2013
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shall we take a leap and make a guess
carrying on our shoulder the stress

and the struggles that seem to compress

for ideal concept of success

to prove ourselves and impress

we are nothing short or nothing less

of the imprint on the world we express

and how well we are making progress

usually about our job and what we possess

And we spill out and confess

our hopes and dreams for the concept of success

they can judge you for your address

or maybe you under dress

or your family you came from nothing less

Our hopes and dreams they cannot repossess

Now i will share my success

the fear of my own destiny progress

i may not control life's game of chess

but i can control how i react and decompress

until my body turn colds, God bless

I have the off beat attitude

screw the glory and how i'm valued ,

i was put here for something not just a dude

i will not be content, until i find gratitude

what that is my moment is cued

i would lie if someone came to me and argued

im just another person with a need to be rescued

and i hate to be artfully wrong and rude

i see the world as stage, spit out and chewed

but i play my character and his mood

because im in my own place of solitude

my life path, will grow and be continued

plus ugly pain inside of me tattooed

i will not stop till my mind and heart is spewed

and they become one another together glued

the will power and force so undervalued

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