Head Phones in, World out.

October 17, 2013
It's that time again,
Where the world has slowed down, and the eyesight of so many others, 'kids' per say, blur up.
When the yelling alters and booming voices of aggrivated and stressful parents boast out.
It's that small moment, that's so movie-like unbelievable,where even the smallest movement and lightest pindrop, explodes with notice.
It's time that everything around the troubled children motions slowly, waiting to be stopped.
But they don't.
It's where all the stress is on the verge, all the contradictions and voodoo madness, is righ on the edge..
Until, a pair of life savers plug in,
A pair of headphones attatch, and in mere seconds, the world resumes,
But you are no longer part of it,
The bass drops, a few humns escape chapped lips, words versed with intense speed recollect,
and the world is pfficially out.
And we are free.

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