Summer Freedom

October 14, 2013
By Anonymous

It’s my time,
I’m in my temporary happy place.
The warmth fueled by

yellow radiant sun.
It pushes away the cold for a while,
freeing my of feeling quiet and alone.

I like to be bright, it’s like opening a new world,
brightness to me brings out feelings,

ruling out drama,
being loving, being truthful,
it keeps you eventful,
eventful is a way to keep you up.

Having amusement is me, as in being who I am,

who I am is someone to become free and enjoyable,
I am summer, breezes in the country
ruffling all the pine trees,
smells of oak,
taking time to have exciting moments, and explore.

Meeting new people can be a challenge,
challenges are helpful, it’s always beneficial to be yourself,
having fun is best, knowing what’s right and wrong,
being occupied helps with attitude,
new places, new people,
it all works out in time.

I take time to relax,
I sit in the sand
watching the water flow,
sitting in a boat,

fish, snakes, moss,
it’s all a reliever to freedom,
dreams, wonder, it’s your time, and no one else’s.

The author's comments:
I love the Summer

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