Age 5

October 9, 2013
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Age 5
Pigtails and laughter
Bright eyes
Believing she was beautiful

Age 10
Curly hair and a smile
Dull eyes
Believing she was okay

Age 13
Loose hair and a frown
Darkening eyes
Believing she was never enough

Age 15
Straight hair and tears
Lifeless eyes
No longer believing in everyone and everything

Age 17
Messy hair
Tired eyes
Stopped believing that life is worth it anymore

Age 19
Curly hair and a smile
Because she knows she can overcome it
Full of life, knowing she can do this.

Age 20
Hair in a messy bun, goofy smile on her face.
Because she’s genuinely happy again
Because she figured out she was the only one who could save herself
And she made it

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