Be Gone!

October 8, 2013
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Demons writhe around inside me
crying to be fed
I succumb
and feed them
but yet they cry again.
I cannot stop this cycle
this endless wheel of torment
but I have to feed myself
while also feeding them.
They cry when I am full (to the brim)
and fake that they are starving
They cry when I am happy
and fake that they are sad
They even cry when I am lonely
and fake that they will care
but deep inside my heart of hearts
I know that they don't care.
I want to rid myself of these fiends
but yet they always return,
when I think they are gone
they flare up strong again.
When will these devils begone?
Only once I'm dead?
Hell no, I'll fight to keep them down
and beat them out of me.

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