My Shadow

September 30, 2013
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You are so far from me but yet you are so close you are so far but I feel you watching me even when I least expect it you watch me when I sleep you, check on me just like a shadow no wonder why I feel so safe at night your free spirit and everlasting youth is what always kept me hoping no wonder why I am so awake at night not because of my ambitions, not because of my lack of trying to relax, but of my thoughts of you and me your always checking up on me that’s what keeps me awake I can fly I can finally fly without a damn on the world I just hope that you never have to worry about growing up again I hope that you never have to worry about being alone because I am willing to stand by you through thick and thin and to fight every single inch of evil and bad thoughts away As long as I am with you I will fight until breathe my final breath as long as Im with you I will be you Wendy just promise that will always be my Peter Pan

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