September 28, 2013
I wish I were a mirror,
a flat piece of glass.
So I could watch
the world go by.
See each speck of hair, eyelash,
and not be noticed.
So others would not laugh,
point fingers,
question why I was alone.
They would look at me
and see nothing, but themselves.
They would see
that I am like everyone.
An insect stuck behind glass.
Afraid to let loose,
show myself for fear
that all will shatter around me.
Here I am safe.
Absorbing warm sunlight
Through my skin and giving
It back again.
Here I am safe, alone,
If only someone could see me
through the glass, thick cloth of illusion.
The rough exterior of emotion.
Clouding up, raining down on me
like a wave,
pushing everyone away.
If only I wasn't so afraid
to break the glass
and free myself.

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