Angel Skin

September 17, 2013
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Eyes of hooded night, they drew me in
Ensnared me as to never let me free
Whispers of honey cloaked lies caught me as if I were a bug, and
I thought that you were an Angel

Every graceful step you took was made consecrated, I believed
Every breath a beautiful poison I so desperately craved
You shone with a radiance so otherworldly, I
Assumed that glow was from holy beginning

From me you drew a vow of eternal love,
But I suspect the words meant naught
Just empty syllables you thought were in your interest, I
A puppet, you, the most beautiful puppeteer eyes have seen

One touch of your lips to mine, and I was dying
But then, if that was death, I wanted no cure, only more
My head was filled with romanticized notions, a
One way street where mine was the only vehicle

I thought you were an Angel
But you were just demon cloaked in fair skin
A paper thin guise I so desperately hoped wasn't facade, and
When I found you out, you tried to crush me in your hand like an injured bird

I thought you were an Angel, but create you cannot do
When you tried to suffocate me, I escaped through white knuckled grip
There, new wings awaited, hope to be regained, and
Over your head I soared free

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