September 25, 2013
Her daddy used to call her Princess
And treated her like a queen
But then her daddy left her mommy
For a woman in a magazine
Mommy quit her job
But they had bills to pay
So Princess put away her crown
And put in her time each day
But Princess could not hold her job
Because Mommy was very sick
So she stayed home to take care of her
And then it was get fired or quit
Princess was still a child
Alone and very scared
She had to provide for her and Mommy
But there were no jobs anywhere
One day Princess saw a woman
Standing in the street
Her face was painted and her clothes were scarce
Her hairstyle, obsolete
Princess knew it was a bad idea
But there was no other way
So Princess gave up her innocence
To help Mommy pay her way
She was abused in many ways
Too many to amount
But Princess became a w***e to save Mommy
And it’s the love that counts.

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