I have become ......

September 13, 2013
By Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
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Its late.

Almost midnight.

I have force open my eyes.

The moon has lit up beautifully;

Filling serenity in the air.

The blood in my veins felt cold.

And it flowed rather calm too.

Brave I am not,

For darkness whitens my soul.

But tonight

It scares me not much.

Perhaps I am growing up.

But I feel empty.

So void that

It seems my soul has flown away.

May it is my sleepiness.


Has it really flown away?????

A pain.

Its spreading,

Slowly, drying out every single cell.

I can feel it.

The life in me being crushed.


Refilled with dull eternity.

Alas! What a pity!

My arms; stronger than ever

Feels different. Not mine.

And the mirror! Oh!

She too is fooling me now!

My eyes are no more the same.

Nor am I.

Not an attire this is.

But myself from now!

And I have become





The author's comments:
When you know that you have changed...

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